How can Periodontal Disease be Controlled?

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How can Periodontal Disease be Controlled?

This disease (infection) is caused by bacterial toxins (poisons) and your body’s response to them. This disease may be painless and symptomless, yet you may notice conditions such as bleeding, swelling, receding of the gum tissue, loosened teeth, elongated teeth, bad breath, sensitivity, and soreness.
In our office, you will get a personalized plan for controlling this disease. The first thing we need to find out is, who is our enemy? There are 11 different types of bugs (bacteria) that cause Periodontal Disease. Certain ones are more damaging than others. So, step one is to find out what bugs (bacteria) you have in your saliva. Then a combination of the appropriate anti-biotics and oral rinses will be recommended. You will be instructed on a power brush and power flosser to aid you in this therapy.
Second, it may be necessary to power scale and root plane the calculus, plaque, and toxins off of your teeth and roots. You will need to do what we call “preventative” maintained therapy every 3 or 4 months “FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.” Eliminate all risk factors such as smoking. Remember, when you brush or floss, there should never be any bleeding. Any bleeding means that the disease is active and causing further damage.

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