Sedation Dentistry in Durango, CO

Those anxious about going to the dentist can highly benefit from seeing a sedation dentist in Durango, CO. Sedation dentistry is an effective way for patients to protect their smiles without anxiety. 

How Does Anxiety Management Dentistry Work?

The goal of your sedation dentist in Durango, CO, is to help you relax during your dental care appointment. Dr. Haynes uses medication to help anxious patients relax during a teeth cleaning or procedure.

Types of Behavioral Management

Your anxiety dentist in Durango, CO, will use will use only Nitrous and Oral Sedation.

Minimal Sedation with Nitrous Oxide & Oral Sedation

Most people know nitrous oxide as “laughing gas.” Breathing in the combination of nitrous oxide and oxygen helps the patient relax while staying awake during a dental procedure.

Unlike other types of sedation, nitrous oxide wears off quickly. Your dental professional can control the amount of gas you receive during the appointment to ensure that you remain comfortable

There are two levels of oral sedation: minimal and moderate.

Patients will typically take a Halcion pill for minimal oral sedation. This pill works similarly to Valium as it makes you feel drowsy without actually putting you to sleep. The dentist will give you this pill one hour before your procedure to ensure that your body has time to digest it.

 Dentists use this same pill for moderate sedation, but patients take a higher dose. Some patients manage to fall asleep while under moderate sedation. 

Sedation Dentist in Durango, CO

Sedation dentistry is helpful whether you plan to have an intensive procedure or are anxious about sitting in the dentist’s chair. 

From sedation to cosmetic dentistry, Kent T Haynes DDS in Durango, CO, offers a wide range of dental care services. Call (970) 247-9549 to schedule an appointment.