Can Periodontal Disease be Reversed?

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Can Periodontal Disease be Reversed?

In our last post, I discussed how important our Smiles and Teeth are to increasing our life span.So, the question we need to answer is, Can Periodontal Disease be Reversed?

The answer is yes and no! According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention), over 50% of adults over 30 have some stage of the disease. Periodontal disease is the Number One cause of tooth loss. Damage from periodontal disease cannot be reversed, but future damage can be prevented. This disease can only be controlled and not cured! My simple analogy is like a campfire. You will always have coals, and the disease is under control, add fuel, and we have flames, active disease, and more damage.

The first stage of gum disease is Gingivitis. Gingivitis causes gum inflammation, swelling, and bleeding in the tissues. The condition can be reversed at this stage by the patient without significant damage.

If Gingivitis is allowed to progress, then it advances into Periodontal Disease. This disease destroys the ligaments that hold your tooth in the bone. It also eliminates the bone that the ligaments attach to. The tooth then gets looser and looser until it falls out or has to be removed. Remember, this disease never hurts until it is too late to save it.

So, what causes Gingivitis and Periodontal Disease? Plaque is the causative agent. It is made up of residual food and many types of bacteria. Over time these bacteria grow and create what is called biofilms. A biofilm is comprised up of many layers of bacteria that are very difficult to remove or kill with anti-biotics.

Lifestyle can also increase the risk for PD.

  1. Diabetes can cause Periodontal Disease, and Periodontal Disease can cause diabetes.
  2. Smoking, all smokers will lose all their teeth
  3. Medications that dry the mouth
  4. Hormone imbalances
  5. Genetics
  6. Remember, Periodontal Disease is transmitted from one person to the next.

What are the main symptoms of PD?

  1. Gum tissues that bleed when you brush or floss. Bleeding is not normal; it is the first stage of disease, and it is the red flag that it is active and causing damage.
  2. Swollen and red gum tissue
  3. Halitosis (bad breath)
  4. Sore gum tissue
  5. Tartar built up on teeth. Tartar/Calculus is calcified Plaque.

Next week how can Periodontal Disease be controlled?
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